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I am the host of the podcast #psychotherapyunfogged.

Working with Ambridge Media in Melbourne my filmmaker friend Joe and I set up a podcast together in 2020. The first three series were titled #neveralone. Joe and I interviewed mental health professionals and guests with lived experience of different mental health conditions. Joe then left his hosting role on the show to pursue film projects and I took over as host. We rebranded the podcast to #psychotherapyunfogged. Joe continues to produce the show. We are currently in season 5 and the podcast has been very popular. I interview a wide range of guests from mental health and associated areas and people talking about their lived experience with different mental health conditions. I have also interviewed some well known guests from TV and the music industry. One of our unique selling points is that we effectively straddle the UK and Australia and interview guests from both continents. We also have a lot of international listeners and a growing following in the USA. I have recently started to put some video episodes onto my YouTube channel but as yet we do not have the numbers on YouTube that we do on audio platforms. Ive included some of the video shows on this page and also the link to the show on Spotify.

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