ADHD Coaching and Psychotherapy

I am certified as a specialised ADHD services provider. I have worked with many clients with ADHD over the years and, in addition to a longer term therapeutic approach, I offer a 6 session coaching package for ADHD'ers. I will get to know you and see how ADHD impacts your life and suggest strategies and routines that can help. We will trial these as part of the work.

The sessions will be fortnightly and will provide both psycho-education around ADHD and have a coaching flavour. I will provide resources - in a form that will work best for you - to study in your own time. If the client wishes to continue after the initial six sessions we can then move into a more general weekly counselling model.

I am a neuro-affirmative therapist.

Neurodivergent individuals may prefer to follow a more general counselling model. This model is less coaching focused and may be preferred by individuals looking for a less solution focused approach. This is also available.

The ADHD coaching package cost is £500.

This includes the initial consultation session followed by 6 fortnightly 50 minute coaching sessions. We can negotiate for further sessions if these are felt to be needed.

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