Eating Disorders and Bariatric Surgery Support

Help and support

I am trained to work with Eating Disorders. I specialise in working with Binge Eating Disorder. Often people suffering from an eating disorder or disordered eating find it difficult to ask for help. Unfortunately, there is still so much unhelpful stigma attached to eating disorders; despite them being very common.

I also specialise in providing pre and post surgery support to clients choosing to have bariatric surgery. Psychological support is often not provided to bariatric patients and it can be an essential part of the bariatric journey.

I also run eating disorder groups. These can be attended by clients wishing to receive therapeutic support and also peer support from the other group members. Groupwork can be a very effective space for change.

Please do get in touch to see which groups I currently have running.

A safe space

Often the different needs of neurodivergent clients with eating disorders are not taken into account. I am fully trained and experienced in working with neurodivergent clients with eating disorders and also those going through bariatric surgery.

A safe and non judgmental space is so important and I offer this.

I am a listed therapist with the Centre for Bariatric Support.


In addition to my regular clinical supervisor, I have a specialist eating disorder supervisor and I am also part of a monthly supervision support group with colleagues working in this area.

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